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About Artisan Design Tile and Marble
When you hire a craftsman, you are paying for the knowledge developed over years spent in the field, in the proper techniques and practices to craft a long lasting and beautiful product. When you hire a craftsman, you are also paying for the patience and the attention to detail that will make the difference between a passable job and one that is just right.
When you hire Artisan Design Tile and Marble you are getting:

· ALWAYS A CALL BACK whether thru an initial contact or for follow up questions. We hear stories all the time about contractors not returning phone calls.  What are they thinking?

· Communication in all phases of the project, so you have the information needed to make the best decisions possible with your hard earned money. 

· Expertise developed since 1983 specifically in the field of ceramic tile marble and stone installations

· Commitment to your job throughout the duration of the project, using our skills to do the best work possible until completion

· Patience and determination to get the job done right

· Focused attention to detail

· Experience in the field

· Skill to achieve your vision

· Knowledge of the materials being used and how to install them properly including following the latest findings while installing the project to ensure a long lasting installation.

·  Dedication to your satisfaction

· More information than you ever wanted to know, about the materials you picked and the options and possibilities concerning those materials to get the best finish possible